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Life Coaching

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Care for the Wild Soul

Life Coaching


Life Coaching
Life Coaching

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare;

it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”  

~ Seneca

If you’ve landed at this website, you’ve likely experienced a call from your Deepest Self

 - to seek a new adventure, to make a big change, to locate your own unique path,

to become your fullest, most authentic self. What you might be seeking now is support along the way -

support with mapmaking, outfitting, getting in shape for, and navigating the path ahead. 


Through Earth•Story•Spirit, I provide support for your journey.

I believe that an investment in your relationships with the Earth, with Story, and with Spirit

will provide the clarity, direction, and sustenance you need to create and live your best life. 


Nurturing connection to Earth promotes strong presence within our own bodies, grounding in place(s), & full participation in our lives. A deep connection to the Earth & a practice of living in harmony with the seasons calm & de-stress our bodies. When we are present and grounded, we listen to, and care for, what poet Mary Oliver calls the “soft animal of our body.”

When our truest self is deeply rooted, it is inspired to grow & flourish. 


Nurturing connection to Story puts us in touch with the wild and transformational world of meaning-making through narrative. True agency & power come from owning our stories, both those past & those yet to be told. Imagination is our most powerful asset in both story-making &

in journey-taking (which are, in essence, the same thing).

I love helping people of all ages build strong imaginations and embrace a mythic mindset.   


Nurturing connection to Spirit consists of allowing space for awe, wonder, possibility,

as well as our “inter-being” with all Life. It requires active participation in living as part of a greater whole,

in honing connection, compassion, and community.

It also demands an acceptance of mystery, a willingness, as Rilke has said, “to live the questions.” 


I am here to help you plot a course worthy of your deepest longings, to fuel your way with a

strong imagination, to hone the skills you need to craft a beautiful life -

all from a strong grounding in Earth, Story, and Spirit.  


Dare the journey 


Life Coaching
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Life Coaching


I’m Tracey Parker Kindall.

I’m a coach, teacher, scholar, and story curator.

I started Earth•Story•Spirit in 2019 to help people connect with their wildest, most authentic selves in order to lead beautiful meaning-filled lives. Through E•S•S, I offer a variety of classes, retreats, and

life coaching packages. I also regularly offer programs to help establish Women's Circles.

I teach history at McCall's private and internationally accredited 

North Fork School and teach mythology classes at Boise State University’s Osher Institute for Lifelong Learning. My syncretic work is influenced

by my background, which includes a lifelong passion for story, 25 years of service in the non-profit sector developing research-based programs,

13 years of homeschooling, a BS degree in Biology and

MS degree in Folklore Studies, training as a RYT500 yoga instructor,

and over 15 years teaching people of all ages and abilities. I love travel,

being a mother and granny, and living within a family of enthusiasts. 

I gratefully embrace a life story full of wonder, quirky 

adventures, ups & downs, mishaps, tragedies, surprises, and triumphs.

Earth, Story, and Spirit are the "three graces" that

have sustained and nourished my own journey.

I live with my human, furred, feathered, and botanical family

in the beautiful mountains of Idaho. Thank you for visiting!

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Classes and Events

classes & events

Upcoming Class Series

& Women's Circles:

NEW McCall Women's Circle

Exploring & Cultivating the Sacred

a 6-month, 12-session fully-facilitated program

meets twice-monthly on Tuesdays

May-October (see all dates on event page)

meeting at CUB McCall & Outdoor locations



Boise Women's Circle FULL

Exploring & Cultivating the Sacred

a 10-month fully-facilitated program

meets monthly 3rd Wednesdays

beginning January 2024


to inquire about

One-on-one Coaching 


Future Women's Circles

grounded in Earth, Story, & Spirit,

contact me using the contact tab

Upcoming Retreats & Events:

Restorative Day Retreats 

at Mavens' Haven Retreat Center, Lucile, ID

each retreat is LIMITED to 8 participants,

begins at 9:00am and ends at 6:30pm

& includes two delicious simple meals


$130 per retreat - discounts for bundles!


Soul R & R:

Deep Rest & Healing Stories for Caregivers

Friday, April 26


Nourishing the Wild Feminine  

Friday, May 10



The Once & Future Art of Listening to Wild Soul

Friday, June 21 (Summer Solstice)


All Our Relations:

Living Well in an Animate World

Friday, September 13


Graceful Endings:

Honoring & Celebrating the Cycles of Life

Friday, October 4


In Search of Lost Stories:

Seeking the Wisdom of the Ancestors

Friday, November 1


"Tell me, what is it you plan

to do with your one

wild and precious life?"

~ Mary Oliver

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"Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit"
~ e.e. cummings

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Life Coaching
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"Wonderful, enlightening,

loving, perspective-

shifting retreat!"

"You have influenced my

life in such a positive way,

to look at the world with

more color and vibrancy.

I am so glad to have you

as one of my teachers."

"Best. Course. Ever!"

Thank you for being

you and shining your

wonderful light into this


retreat circle.jpg

"Amazing class!

Wonderful, erudite and

amazing instructor. I

would take any class

from her."

"You are a master

storyteller and your

ability to weave a

beautiful narrative into 

class is always creative

and refreshing but also

always to the point."

"Your calm grounded

energy is so comforting

and soothing. Thank you

for this gift of peace."

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Tracey Parker Kindall

​PO Box 326

McCall, ID 83638​
Tel: 208-271-6583


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